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Parties are Welcome

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Hitting all of Nashville’s Hottest spots with all of your buddies… Because all deserve a Big Party before the Big Day!

Get a free DJ with every ride!

We want to keep your party going even when it is moving from one bar to another. So we pump our bus full of lights, music and dancing. You just bring your enthusiasm!

Perfect Party Venue

It’s time you party in motion, and we’re the folks to make that happen. Introducing The Kooter Ray’s Party Bus, It is the only party bus of its kind in the city. It takes you on an unforgettable adventure with a hand-picked driver and entertainer who knows the city better than just about anybody. The Kooter Ray’s Party Bus is the perfect party venue where your inner-child can release some energy, have fun and socialize with new friends and can really kick back and forget the worries of driving while enjoying all that the night offers. When your in Nashville, The Kooter Ray’s Party Bus will make the night an experience not soon forgotten.

Discover Some Hidden Nashville

Lets face it, Nashville is a lot of fun. However many visitors never get out of the downtown area. We change that for our riders.  We have several routes that we run alternately throughout the night. On Kooter Rays Party Bus you can see all of the following:

  • Downtown Area
    • Wild Horse Saloon
    • Tootsies Orchid Lounge
    • Coyote Ugly
    • Acme Feed and Seed
    • Honk Tonk Central
    • Wannabe’s
  • Midtown Area
    • Play Dance
    • Exit Inn
    • The Red Door
  • Other Key Spots
    • BlueBird Cafe

Don’t Drink and Drive, Get Drunk and Ride!

Ready to party? We’re here to help you!

The Kooter Ray’s Party Bus is a fast and easy way to move your party around the city.

Call Us Now at 865.201.6715


How do I get on the bus?

The easiest way to get on is to be at one of our designated bar stops. If you are not near one and you see us coming (or hear us), stand at a safe distance near the edge of the road and wave us over – just like a cab.


How long can I stay on the bus?

Technically your admission cost covers 30 minutes of ride time, however if the bus is not packed it is pretty flexible.


Do we tip the driver or dj?

It’s customary to tip the driver/dj team. After all, they are making sure you have a good time without driving drunk. There is a single tip jar on the bus.  All tips are split evenly.