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About Us

Why Choose Kooter Ray’s Party Bus?

Kooter Ray’s Party Bus is owned by Celebrity Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville & Chattanooga traffic reporter Commander Chuck and his wife. We believe your safety is the most important part of the experience while on board the party bus. Privacy is also very important when you rent the Kooter Ray’s Party Bus. What happens on the bus stays on the bus just like when you’re in Las Vegas. Remember, we are not a church bus. Kooter Ray’s Party Bus is the only party bus in Nashville that has a licensed security guard…so NOBODY will crash your private party. We are a party bus and we designed everything for you to have a great time!

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The ONLY Nashville party buses with the following GUARANTEE:

1. We offer the lowest rates for all the amenities you get on a Nashville Party Bus!

2. We have no extra hidden fees involved when you rent one of our buses!

3. We will show up on time if not a little early for your pick up!

4. We will play all of your favorite songs you request if not design a playlist for you!

5. We have no fake past Yelp reviews!

6. We will get you to your scheduled event on time!

7. We only use Nashville MTA bus drivers who drive full time for a living!

8. Our buses do not smell like smoke because there’s no smoking allowed!

9. We have planned bathroom stops!

10. We will keep you safe with a licensed security guard on board for your protection!